Extensive Brands

Selling radio communications equipment of multi-brand is one of the attractions to buyers. Maxima does not only sell one brand of products, but it sells more than 10 different brands in the market. All these brands are so famous that if you are professionals in this field, you must have ideas of these brands.

ALINCO, Inc., was established in 1938 in Osaka, Japan, is a manufacturer of radio and amplification equipment. Major product types include HF radios, mobiles, handhelds, communication receivers, and power supply.

AOR, LTD. (Authority on Radio Communications, Ltd.), was firstly found in 1977, is a communications equipment manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The founders, Mr Takano and Mr Oshima, successfully expanded AOR, LTD. in UK and USA in 1991 and 1998 respectively. The company serves the monitoring enthusiasts, communication professionals, amateur radio operators and electronics industries all over the world.

Being found in 1959, CODAN Limited is a manufacturer of a wide range of communications equipment like high frequency radios, satellite radio subsystems and metal detectors. All of the products have an exceptional reputation for performance, quality and reliability. CODAN, headquartered in South Australia, has regional offices in other countries such as USA, UK, China and India.

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited (Hytera) is one of the top five world-leading providers of professional wireless communication equipments in the world. Hytera mainly provides two-way radios, TETRA systems and trunking systems. Taking advantage of the network, Hytera has sold the products to over 80 countries and regions all around the world. They has established its worldwide sales and service network on the basis of the subsidiaries, branches and service centers set up in London, US, Russia, Indonesia, India and Hong Kong, for more effective indigenous management.

ICOM, Inc., was founded in 1954 and incorporated in 1964, is located in Osaka, Japan. By keeping its production base 100% in Japan, ICOM has become a trusted manufacturer of wireless communication products like land mobile radios, amateur radios, marine radios, aviation radios, navigation products and communications receivers.


KENWOOD Corporation, was renamed in 1986, was originally established in 1946 with Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd as the corporate name. Kenwood, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has also expanded businesses in the United States, Europe, Russia, Asia, and many other countries. KENWOOD focuses on the business of land mobile radio equipment, amateur wireless radios and specially-designated low power transceivers.

Motorola's founding company, Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, was established in Chicago, USA, in 1928. The name, MOTOROLA, Inc., was officially changed in 1947. Analog and digital two-way radios, voice and data communication products and systems for private networks are manufactured.

Being formally established in Hong Kong in 2007, M-TECH Dynamic Corporation Limited is one of the member companies of MAXIMA GROUP. By manufacturing accessories for two-way radios like battery packs, battery chargers, power supply and duplexers, M-TECH is also listed under the business of Maxima Communication Limited.

Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, SEPURA plc was originated from the Pye Company. SEPURA is one of the leading suppliers to the TETRA radio market. Being operated widely on all manufacturers' infrastructures, its products are unique and support every TETRA frequency band.

In 1975, Tokyo Hy-Power Laboratory was founded in Japan. Two years later, TOKYO HY-POWER Labs, Inc. was officially set up as a manufacturer of linear amplifiers and antenna tuners for amateur radio stations. RF switching mode technology has become another field for continuous development.

UNIDEN Corporation, located in Tokyo, Japan, has formerly been called Uni Electronics Corporation since 1966. With continuous development, its business has been expanded to other countries in USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. Extensive range of communications products like digital cordless phones, marine radios, CB radios, and scanning receivers are manufactured.

Being originated in Tokyo, Japan, in 1956, VERTEX STANDARD Co., Ltd. was formally named in 2000. Its subsidiaries can be found in other regions like USA, UK, Europe, China and Australia. Major product lines include land mobile radios, marine radios, air band radios, ham radios, and other wireless communication equipment.

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