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Established in 1994, Maxima started out as a trading company, selling telecommunication devices in Hong Kong and Mainland China. As global and China's economy thrived and prospered, Maxima grew and expanded its business to many countries around the globe. Through business dealings and collaboration, Maxima has built up an excellent long-term partnership with its counterparts in different countries.

Widely supported and recognized by the industry, Maxima made a steady progress in the past 15 years, successfully laid down a solid foundation and earned ourselves a creditable name. This is largely due to our commitment in providing quality products and services to meet the needs of our customers.

Today, the Group has established a worldwide distribution network with partnerships in every corner of the world. Nevertheless, Maxima is far from complacent and will continue to work hard to sustain our growth in the future. Anchoring firmly in the industrial sector and meeting the needs of our customers are always our goal.

We need efficient management and professional skills to better serve the industries. Therefore, continuous learning and advancement of our team is always on the top of our priority. Apart from expanding business, the Group provides training and development opportunities to the staff in order to build a brilliant and cohesive team working towards the progress and prosperity of the company and industry. We also welcome the talented ones to join our company.

To keep up with the pace of development in the industrial sector and satisfy or even surpass customers' expectations, I fully understand that fear to change could only lead to failure of an enterprise. Therefore, with the initiative, Maxima pledges to provide innovative products and value-added services to meet the market needs. The Group will certainly achieve the biggest possible return for our investors as well as partners, strive for the most benefits for our staff and contribute the best we can to our country's industrial development.

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